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  • After five months, I need to cancel my subscription. I obtained a job through a posting on your site! Thanks for the help and encouragement I received from customer support. I've used free job boards with no success and I had no idea where my resume was sent. With Jdhuntr I had my own personal page, I had the option to load my resume and apply directly to employers. I will recommend Jdhuntr to friends who are looking to go in-house. Thanks and all the best.


  • Robin M
  • You have a great service!

  • S
  • I GOT THE JOB! Thanks Al and your team of professionals for being accessible to me for questions, resume help and all the jobs on your site.
    It's great to know there are resources like
    If I ever need another job, I'll be back. Thanks again.
    Brandon - NY

  • Brandon - NY
  • I was a previous subscriber and left because I thought I could have more success finding a job using free job boards. I found similar jobs but I was required to up-load my resume
    in order to apply for jobs. I started getting calls unrelated to the original position I applied for. Jobs were in sales and marketing with most commission based. Unbelievable I had no idea where my resume was sent or who was viewing it. I'm a senior associate in an east coast law firm and confidentiality is very important.
    On JDHuntr I didn't have to worry about my information being distributed without my prior approval. Most employers welcome candidates to apply directly on their site.
    I'm back on JDHuntr and I look forward to advancing my career.

  • My wife and I (both attorneys) were relocating to the West Coast for the warmer weather.
    We both wanted in-house positions with our preference for the San Diego area.
    We were able to browse a number of in-house jobs in the San Diego area. My wife was the first to land a job and she was extremely happy with the coaching she received from one of your recruiters. I have some interviews lined up and expect to get an offer soon.
    Thanks again for all your help.

  • S
  • Great improvements you've made to JDhuntr. The new design is great and I can't say enough about the speed when doing job searches.
    I was a subscriber a few years ago and there were plenty of jobs, but it was not as user friendly as it is now.

    Thanks for all the help.


  • Rob
  • Thank you very much! You have a great website. L

  • L
  • A friend recommended I visit JDHuntr and I was surprised at the number of jobs which were listed. I was hesitant about purchasing a subscription because I worked for a major firm and was concerned about my privacy. I’ve heard some horror stories from colleagues who have applied for positions on free job boards that require your resume as a condition for applying to a job. They had no control where their resume was submitted or who could view it.
    I purchased a subscription and was impressed by the number of General Counsel positions which were posted. Relocation was not a problem so my job choices were unlimited..
    A position was listed and according to the post date was a few months old. I contacted your customer support and they recommended I submit my resume. They were able to review it and suggested some changes. I submitted it directly to the employer and was contacted immediately for a phone interview. The rest is history. Thanks JDHuntr you guys are great you talked me through the process and I knew what to expect. I love the bay area. Elizabeth

  • Elizabeth
  • JDHuntr is the best site I've used to locate a job. I initially had doubts about the site when I signed up because all job boards make these false claims about new job posts and customer service. You guys are the best. I had so many questions about submitting my resume and your CS handled all of them with no problem.
    I have a job now. Hopefully I won't need your service anytime soon. But if I do I'll be back.
    Thanks again!

  • Lisa New York
  • Thanks for the help with my resume. The fine tuning worked, it got my resume by the employer's automated system. I am now set up with some interviews.
    Thanks again.

  • Jeff
  • Thanks JDHuntr I have applied for jobs with some great corporations and received calls for interviews.
    I previously used free job boards to search and apply for jobs and received several calls from HR departments that my resume had been
    submitted to them over one hundred times for the same job. Of course I was embarrassed and could not believe this happened. I guess free is not always free.

  • Your site has saved me countless hours of searching for a job. I've used the free job boards (free is not always free) and when I applied for a job, I was required to load my resume into their system. I was never called by the employer and I have no idea where my resume was sent. Thanks for making it a simple process to apply for jobs.

  • HS
  • Thank you JDHuntr, your customer support has been excellent, they have been very helpful with all the questions I’ve asked about submitting my resume to jobs
    They strongly encouraged me to customize my resume and cover letter for each position.
    They also recommended I apply for jobs that were listed longer than four months; imagine my surprise when these employers called me for interviews.
    Thanks to your team and JDHuntr, I am in the final phase of the hiring process.

  • Amber
  • Thank you JDHuntr your customer support is great, they have been very helpful with all the questions I’ve asked about submitting my resume for jobs

  • Sam
  • Thanks so much for the article.Much thanks again. Great.

  • John8
  • This site is excellent I really like the ease of searching in-house jobs. Keep up the good work!
    New York

  • Doug
  • Im grateful for the blog article.Much thanks again. Cool

  • Johnk5
  • Thanks for giving me the opportunity to pick your brain regarding my resume. Every time I submitted my resume electronically to an employer it was rejected. After contacting your staff they reviewed it and made suggestions to modify for the ATS used by most employers. I feel more confident submitting my resume and employers are now calling. I was referred to your site by a friend. Thanks Al

  • Jennifer
  • Thank you very much. Great site, and I will certainly use it again, but hopefully (for me) not for a while.

  • Peter
  • Thanks JDHUNTR I submitted my resume and was called for an interview.

  • AT
  • You have a great website. Keep up the good work.

  • B
  • Thank you! I enjoyed using your web-site, I think it has the largest selection of corporate attorney jobs!


    N. A.

  • N.A.
  • Thank you very much for checking into this; correcting it and then extending my subscription. I really appreciate it! It is unusual to be treated so well and stands out to me as extraordinary. Thank you. All the best, Michele

  • Michele
  • The most comprehensive site I've used

  • Robert C.
  • I've tried other legal job boards only to find old listings and posts from legal recruiters. Thanks for maintaining a site that's easy to use and has current in-house jobs

  • K.A.
  • Thanks for providing a site that saves me time and provides value

  • JDHUNTR has become my job hunting personal assistant. Thank you.

  • H.L.
  • Your customer support is always friendly and ready to help

  • Your site has saved me from the frustration of searching through hundreds of job boards. Thank you

  • B.R.

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